Fitpro Watch Series 7

Multifunctional Sports Watch with 2.5 D curved glass in a borderless design with a metal body. Each screen display is clear and agile, giving
you an open visual enjoyment.
Product Code: Fitpro Smartwatch Series 7
Brand: Lahore Galleria
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Description: WATCH 7 1.69 SCREEN SERIES 7 NEW MODEL  

Multifunctional Sports Watch:
2.5 D curved glass in a borderless design with a metal body
Each screen display is clear and agile, giving
you an open visual enjoyment
Design Upgrade
New interactive interface
Simpler and smoother
Knob operation Classic interaction
Quick application switching, easy volume adjustment
convenient operation and less screen prints
Bluetooth Call:
Synchronised phone records,phonebook, make and receive calls, built-in. Speaker and microphone for work meetings and driving without missing important calls
Message Reminder:
When your phone calls or receives a message, even if it's in your bag or you're busy When you don't notice your phone ringing
the watch will vibrate to alert you and keep you informed.When you lift your hand, the watch lights up and you can
view the message
Multifunctional NFC
Multifunctional NFC Swipe to access control one touch to apps
Easy with a flick of the wrist. NFC function is newly launched, one touch to simulate accesscard, " drop" to travel at ease.One touch to make a phonecall, one touch to change the health code, one touch to reachthe application. Swipe your wrist for convenience
Menu interface:
Customise your own style
Three sets of themed menus to switch between easily, a
honeycomb drag menu, a nine-box menu
and a minimalist list menu, there is one to suit your needs

Customised Dials
Upload the beautiful scenery from your phone and turn it into your dial background through the app Don't go with the flow, your world is yours to define.
Smart Split-Screen Square Dials
Smart split-screen square dials for more information From the main screen you can swipe left and slide down to
perform various frequently used functions
The dial is easy to use

Healthy Measurement
Blood pressure and oxygen testing Balancing the mind and body Easily measure blood pressure and oxygen between your wrists and monitor blood pressure and oxygen trends accurately monitor and warn of blood pressure and oxygen abnormalities keeping you informed of your health, giving you greater peace of mind.
Scientific Monitoring:
Proper Sleep:
Your intelligent butler, scientific monitoring and recording of your sleep duration. The Sleeping Time and Sleep Quality monitor keeps an eye on your sleep trends, making it easy for you to organize your sleep
Get a good night's sleep every day and wake up refreshed
High-end low Power Sensor:
High-end low-power sensor for heart rate measurement
High sensitivity, low capacitance, low power consumption intelligent heart rate monitoring throughout the day Non-visible light monitoring at night, no disturbance, more intimate

Understanding Your Health:
More in-depth A wide range of health management features such as breathing exercises, stress tests and MET tests are included.Functions to give you a better understanding of your physical and mental health. 
Comprehensive health care. Enjoy a healthier life Intelligent heart rate algorithm, fast and accurate, to monitor
and alert you to your heart rate anytime, anywhereMonitoring and alerting so you know how you are doing
Keep an eye on your health indicators and measurethe results directly on your watch. Display data and syncto mobile app.Keep an eye on your health at all times
Multiple Sports Modes:
Multiple daily exercise modes for indoor and outdoor useA wide range of sports-related data to meet the needs
of different people. So easy to exercise with it!
Workout Modes:
Can show you how long you've been exercising, how many steps you've taken, and how many calories you've burned, so you can stay motivated or keep going, and if you want to know how you've
been performing lately.Just open the app on your phone
Locate your location:
lntelligent positioning function, direct data collection
from base station positioning. Wide data coverage to help you find your location faster
Product Parameters:
Wristband size:220mm
Display:1.69 inches, 420*485px
watch material:Silicone
Bluetooth:BT 5.2
Water resistance :IP68
Battery capacity:220mAh
System:Android 4.4+,iOS 9.0+

Weight: 0.50 KGs

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